Cello Octet Amsterdam I Dagmar Slagmolen I in cooperation with Oorkaan

What is the sound of friendship? Pigeon is lonely and goes out in search of friends. She flies across jungles, steppes, seas, and deserts, all the while having great adventures with odd birds and fish out of water. But she doesn’t make any friends. Winds take her to the place where it is cold. Shivering, tired and all alone, Pigeon descends to the snow of the North Pole. All this may sound sad, but sometimes unexpected things are known to happen… Cello Storm is a visual show about loneliness and friendship, without words but with a lot of humor and with music from all over the world.

music and acting: Cello Octet Amsterdam
direction: Dagmar Slagmolen
design and costumes: Dieuweke van Reij
lighting designer: Desirée van Gelderen

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