Instant Love

Cello Octet Amsterdam in co-production with Via Berlin

Part 2 of the trilogy “Power-driven systems”

Following “Instant Happiness” in 2016, now comes Instant Love.

The large-scale illegal trafficking in women symbolises the dark side of our society of the ‘western ideal’. In order to protect our ‘happiness’, we strengthen our borders and choose rules over meaningfulness and humanity. Those who lack the proper papers but who nevertheless want access to our paradise awaits a life of deprivation, humiliation and degradation. In the meantime, we ourselves do cross those borders when we want to fulfill our base needs, when we want porn, cheap sex or the illusion of love.

music and acting: Cello Octet Amsterdam, Dagmar Slagmolen, Harald Austbø
direction: Ria Marks
texts: Ko van den Bosch
choreography: Pim Veulings
design and costumes: Dieuweke van Reij
lighting and sound: Stefan Dijkman and Robert van Delft

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