…when time perception dislocates…

Steve Reich – Cello Counterpoint
Michael Harrison – Just Ancient Loops
John Adams – Shaker Loops

Drie generaties innovatieve, hedendaagse componisten, die elk op hun eigen wijze toveren met tijd: Reich door middel van levendige loops, Harrison met het gebruik van flageoletten en schurende, funk-achtige ritmes en Adams met het energetisch schudden van de snaren.

Steve Reich – Cello Counterpoint
Steve Reich: “Cello Counterpoint (2003) is scored for eight cellos and can be played by a soloist with the other parts pre-recorded or by a Cello Octet. It is in three movements, fast, slow fast.
The first and last movements are both based on a similar four chord cycle that moves ambiguously back and forth between c minor and Eb major. This harmonic cycle is treated extremely freely how ever, particularly in the third movement. As a matter of fact, what strikes me most about these mo- vements is that they are generally the freest in structure of any I have ever written. The second, slow movement, is a canon in Eb minor involving, near the end of the movement, seven separate voices.
Cello Counterpoint is one of the most difficult pieces I have ever written, calling for extremely tight, fast moving rhythmic relationships not common- ly found in the cello literature.
The piece is a little more than 11 minutes in duration and was co-commissi- oned by the Koussevitzky Foundation in the Library of Congress, the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and Leiden University, for cellist Maya Beiser.”

Michael Harrison – Just Ancient Loops
Just Ancient Loops is a 25-minute piece that unveils every aspect of the cel- lo – from its most glorious and mysterious harmonics to earthy, rhythmic piz- zicatos. In this work the cello becomes this “über” instrument – laying down the drones, building rhythmical grooves on top of each other, singing melis- matic melodies, and reaching up to the stratosphere as the music evolves and builds into a massive, exhilarating climax. Just Ancient Loops uses Just tunings, Ancient modes and harmonies, and Loops of melodic and rhythmic modules. It is a musical odyssey for an orchestra of cellos.

John Adams – Shaker Loops
Shaker Loops is a 1978 composition originally written for string septet. A version for string orchestra followed in 1983.
The version for Cello Octet Amsterdam was made by Hans van der Heide for the Amsterdam Cello Biennal in 2012.
The work is in four movements:
• I. Shaking and Trembling
• II. Hymning Slews
• III. Loops and Verses
• IV. A Final Shaking
The composition began as a piece called ‘Wavemaker’ in which Adams
tried to emulate the ripple effect of bodies of water in his music.
The piece was a commercial failure, but Adams kept the idea of repeating loops of oscillations on string instruments. He retitled the piece ‘Shaker Loops,’ both because of the ‘shaking’ of the strings as they oscillate between notes and the idea Adams had of Shakers dancing to repetitive, energetic music.