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Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Cello Band

CD – €20 / LP – €35

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Met Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band van The Beatles werden in 1967 alle wetten van pop en rock overschreden. The Beatles gingen met ongekende opname-experimenten los op dit conceptalbum, omdat ze wisten dat ze het toch nooit live gingen uitvoeren. Cello Octet Amsterdam waagt het om een instrumentale live versie te spelen van – voor velen – de beste popplaat aller tijden.

8 – Michael Gordon

CD – €20

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Michael Gordon – 8

De legendarische Bang on a can componist Michael Gordon schreef een groot nieuw werk voor het Octet.

Bijna tastbaar is de muziek: het werd door publiek ook wel een sculptuur genoemd, zo sterk verandert zijn muziek je perceptie van de ruimte.


CD – €20 / digital €20-25

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Our favourites from 25 years of Cello Octet!

1) Astor Piazzolla: Verano Porteño
2) Philip Glass: Symphony for 8
3) Chiel Meijering: Storms and Pain
4) Astor Piazzolla: Invierno Porteño
5) Arvo Pärt: Fratres
6) Astor Piazzolla: Primavera Porteño
7) Ludovico Einaudi: Run
8) Max Richter: On the Nature of Daylight
9) Astor Piazzolla: Otoño Porteño

Canto Ostinato

CD – €20

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Canto Ostinato was written by dutch composer Simeon ten Holt (1923-2012) in 1976. This piece is considered to be minimal in origin, because of the repetitive, obstinate, nature of the piece, but there is some discussion on this subject. Ten Holt usually used the term ‘genetic code’ to describe his work, probably because of the typical build-up of the piece. As opposed to a high percentage of modern classical music which is not tonal and/or consonant, Canto Ostinato contains tonal harmonies and does not become very dissonant. Another typical aspect is the fact that one can hear the same or similar bass figures and harmonies throughout the piece, which explains the title. If one word would have to catch the essence of Canto Ostinato, one could use “meditative”, as the different sections are similar, but generate different emotional reactions.

The most remarkable aspect about this work is the amount of freedom that is given to the performer(s). The composer created a hundred and six small cells called ‘sections’ of a few bars, which can be played ad libitum and be repeated either one or many more times (some bridges excepted). Because of this build-up, a performance may take from an hour to more than a day.

The version for eight cellos was created by Marijn van Prooijen, on request of the Cello Octet, with special permission of the composer. The octet has played their version especially for Simeon ten Holt in his own garden, a few months before he passed away. It was because of the composers warm reaction to the concert that the Cello Octet decided to record the Canto Ostinato during the summer of 2013.

A unique cd with a very special composition.

Arvo Pärt

CD €20 / digital €20-25

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This album contains all the music Arvo Pärt created for the Cello Octet:

Solfeggio, Silouan’s song, Da Pacem Domine, Summa, Psalom, Missa Brevis, O-Antiphonen and Pari Intervallo.

Motion Picture

CD – €20

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Philip Glass – Motion Picture

Cello Octet Amsterdam & Maki Namekawa
Arranged for cello octet and piano by Michael Riesman

The Hours (2002 motion picture)

1. Movement I
2. Movement II
3. Movement III

Dracula (music for the 1931 motion picture, (1998))

4. Dracula
5. Journey to the Inn
6. The Inn
7. Carriage Without a Driver
8. Dr. van Helsing and Dracula
9. In the Theater
10. Seward Sanatorium
11. Mina on the Terrace
12. Mina’s Bedroom/The Abbey
13. The End of Dracula
14. Epilogue

Total playing time: 54:17

We proberen je bestelling binnen 3 werkdagen te versturen. Als we het erg druk hebben met repeteren of concerten dan kan het soms wat langer duren.


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